Digital X-Rays

Small X-Rays

Small digital xrays with crisp detail show decay and any other irregularities that may otherwise not been visible in your mouth. These also have a much lower radiation dose than the traditional xray films. Using our software program we can manipulate the images to diagnose the earliest of problems.

Serene Dental Small X-Ray

LargeĀ X-Rays

Large xrays (radio graphs) allow us to take an overall image of your mouth, allowing us to make a more accurate diagnosis in a shorter time. Our cutting edge software program allows us to plan important procedures using these images to provide you with the safest and most optimal treatment. Traditionally, Dentists would send you to an imaging center to have these images taken. We save you time and have all the technology on site to ensure you have a convenient and relaxed experience.


Apex locator and Rotary instruments

Traditional root canal therapies were done purely by hand instruments. New, state oif the art technology used at Serene Dental allows us to provide high quality root canals in a reduced time for your convenience

Apex locator

The Wand

anxious- Wand

Are you a needle phobic?! Fear no more! Introducing to you the latest in anaesthetic technology – the ‘Magic wand’. This latest in technology means there is virtually no pain when our dentists inject the aneasthetic! The anaesthetic is administered through a cute little pen!Contact us about having the wand system used at your next dental visit. You’ll be glad to get rid of your fears forever!!


We use a laser in surgical procedures to ensure that treatment is quicker, more comfortable and you experience a faster healing time.


Air abrasion

When decay is very early and just starting to form in the grooves of your teeth, we use air abrasion instead of a drill to ensure that we clean your tooth conservatively, The air abrasion machine does not ‘cut’ your tooth. This will only remove soft decay starting in the grooves of your teeth leading to a more conservative preparation and savings in cost.